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Le 18 Août 2020 à 11:53
The perfect vacuum for your floor type

When purchasing a vacuum, one aspect that you would pay the most attention to is its cleaning ability. But do you know different types of vacuum are designed to tackle different floor types? In this article I will share with you three main floor types and which kind of vacuum you should use to maximize the cleaning efficiency, along with one vacuum recommendation for each floor type.

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Type 1: bare floor

This type of floor is pretty easy to clean, which means a typical vacuum can do the job just fine without too many things to worry about. But what you need to consider is the vacuum can do the job gracefully without damaging the surface. Therefore, a vacuum that helps pick up dirt among carpet or rug fiber may scratch your bare floor because it has a beater bar. Besides that, shape and size are not a problem. But if you want the best performance, you must consider using one of the top vacuum cleaner brands, for their suction power is usually top rated. But as I already mentioned above, cleaning the bare floor doesn’t take much work, so using robot vacuums is reasonable. They can do the job under your command automatically, so you can sit back and relax while they take care of the hard work for you.

My recommendation: Pure Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Try out this new technology, it can surprise you for the convenience and efficiency.

Type 2: carpet

To clean this floor type thoroughly, the key feature is the ability to lift debris from the carpet’s fiber. No matter what kind of vacuum you choose to use, from a corded vacuum to a cordless stick vacuum, what you should notice is that vacuum can adjust heights to clean both low-pile and thick-pile carpet effectively. Because carpeted floors are usually big areas, I’d likely recommend choosing upright or canister vacuums for a better result. Handheld vacuums or robot vacuums can work just fine, but due to their suction power, you may not get a deep clean effect. You should really look into your carpet detail to choose the most suitable vacuum for your carpeted floor.

One of the best vacuum cleaner brands for carpet: Miele Complete C3 Alize PowerLine. This vacuum works well with various types of carpet. Its suction power is adjustable, giving you the most convenient experience in cleaning the carpet.

Type 3: rug

This floor type is similar to carpet, but it required a more careful cleaning method for it’s more delicate. Some rug should not be vacuumed, but if yours can, then you must remember to choose a suitable vacuum to clean it. The best candidate for the job is handheld vacuums. This is where we need the suction power to be mild enough not to damage the rug. Remember to check your rug’s material to decide whether you should use a vacuum on it or not.

You can try: MR-50 Wet-Dry Steam Cleaner and Vacuum Combo. I figure this is the most suitable vacuum you can find for your rug. This vacuum is a good vacuum cleaner with the ability to clean the wet mess, so you don’t have to take your rug to the laundry every time it gets wet.

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I hope this article offers you some useful information about choosing vacuums for your floor type. Remember to share this information with others if you think they also need it.
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