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Le 02 Janvier 2019 à 02:39
How to stay alive in Fortnite - one of the hottest battle royale games today

Along with PUBG Mobile, Fortnite is one of the hottest battle royale games today. Although this game is outstanding with impressive cartoon-style graphics and unique construction mechanisms, its storyline remains unchanged. Your final mission is still to become the last surviving person or team in the game. It sounds easy, but in fact, it is not as simple as you think. Playing this game, you will have to fight against 99 other players, and all of them have the same goal. Although Squad or 50v50 game modes can significantly reduce the number of opponents, you still have to compete with your teammates in order to get the highest score.

Actually, the best way to improve your chances of winning is to dive into this game for a few hours and get practical experience. However, there is also no harm if you know some tips and tricks before playing Fortnite. Although these tips cannot guarantee you will win the first few times, they will give you more opportunities. Let's find out in this article!

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Keep watching the battle even if you have been eliminated

If you are a newbie, continue to watch the match even if you have been eliminated because it may bring you amazing benefits. Once you are killed, the game will automatically switch to the perspective of the player who shot you, and in case he is killed, it will switch to the view of the new killer. By that way, you can keep watching the battle until it is over. You may want to start a new game right after being killed, but if you spend more time finding the way to play Fortnite correctly and smartly, your chances of becoming the last survivor in this game will get higher. In particular, when you play the squad mode, if you quit the game early, you will not know how your teammates fight with other opponents. Let’s check the map anytime to determine the location of your teammates and get an overview of the fight.

Another benefit of watching the battle is that you will know why you were killed so that you can change your fighting strategy accordingly. For example, landing in hot areas like cities and residential areas makes collecting equipment more difficult because you have to compete with many other experienced players. So, in the next round, you can choose to parachute into deserted areas where you can loot items more easily. Remember that Fortnite is a survival game so try to avoid fighting unless it is really necessary.

Try to collect as many weapons as possible

Hit-or-miss is the shooting and fighting mechanism in Fortnite. If you have no weapons, your chances of survival in the game are almost zero. Therefore, the most important task you should do right after landing is to collect weapons. Make sure you have at least one gun in your backpack. You can also attack enemies with an ax, but it only causes a small amount of damage and cannot kill them. The advice here is to try to collect as many guns as possible that will give you more options when attacking another player. Each gun has its own characteristics, some types are only suitable for long range shooting while others should only be used at close range. Knowing the distinct features of each weapon will help you use them more flexibly and effectively.

Another tip is to regularly update the latest version of the game because sometimes there are many new weapons added, a new heavy shotgun, for example. Only one second of being caught off guard when seeing your opponent using a strange weapon that you have never seen before, you can also be defeated.

Once you kill another player, make sure you have picked up all the necessary items they drop. However, if you take too much time looting, you will easily become the target of other players in the area. They can then kill you to get double booty. So, be cautious; do not make it too convenient for your opponent.

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Collect and build

One of the most prominent features of Fortnite is the construction system. In the beginning, each player will take part in the match with an ax, which is used to cut down and collect items. You will never have to worry about running out of resources while collecting because the game will automatically add materials to your inventory after you destroying objects.

Wood, bricks, and metal are three primary materials in this game while the five slots that need to be built are fences, pyramids, square floors, stairs, and campfires. You can build works using any material you have. The strongest material is metal, then brick, and finally wood.

Remember that the more powerful the material, the longer the construction time; therefore, if you need to protect your buildings right away, building a wooden barrier is the best choice. Build a temporary structure or temporary shelter is quite simple. Everything can combine nicely, and it is easy to customize individual components if you need more doors or windows. You can also move or break the barriers if you accidentally build them in the wrong position. Building is one of the most important factors to help you survive longer in the battle, so try to build a big and solid shelter as possible.

However, like the rest of the game’s world, anything you build can be damaged by other players with any weapon. Be cautious when other players shoot missiles or throw grenades towards your base because they can destroy everything that you tried to build.

We hope you will find these tips useful and feel free to share with your friends if you like. Will you be the winner in this game? Play it and experience for yourself! Click here to know more exciting games and have fun!
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